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November 29, 2023

SSAO Op Ed Published in the Ottawa Citizen

Print Edition and Online 

Spindel: Elders are not the problem — Ontario's bad public policy is | Ottawa Citizen


This is part of Seniors for Social Action Ontario's advocacy and public education strategy.  

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Elders are not the problem — Ontario's bad public policy is


Why is all the money going to institutional long-term care instead of to non-profit community agencies and cities, which could do a better job of supporting people at home?

November 21, 2023

Dr. Patricia Spindel, Chair of Seniors for Social Action (Ontario) appeared on the Owen Sound radio station 560 CFOS
on November 20, 2023


Those who called in were amazing. If you care about Home Care and Bill 135, this is worth a listen.


October 8, 2022  The Toronto Star

COVID outbreaks rise in Ontario

long-term-care homes just as weather is turning cooler


There are 150 LTC homes with active COVID outbreaks, compared to just 14 outbreaks at the same time last year and 51 at this time back in 2020.

By Kenyon Wallace  Investigative Reporter
Andrew Bailey  Data Analyst

October 5, 2022 - Angus Reid Institute

Information Bulletin and Analysis

Voter Remorse? 
Is the Ford Government Losing Public Support Over Bill 7 and Its Handling of Health Care?


A poll just released by Angus Reid shows that 53% of Ontarians consider Bill 7 a violation of the rights of vulnerable people, and think it should not have been considered as a solution in emptying hospital beds. 

September 26, 2022

A Response to Our Letter


The Minister of Long-Term Care has responded to Seniors for Social Action Ontario's letter but has failed to address a single concern that was raised.

06 21 demo 3.jpg

September 24, 2022 - CTV News Ottawa

‘Operating on fear’: Ottawa woman speaks out about impact of new

nursing home law

Seniors are speaking out about the impacts of a new Ontario government bill aimed at freeing up bed space in hospitals by potentially moving patients far from their preferred destinations.


They say the bill is already taking a toll on many families. .......

Jeremie Charron, CTV News Ottawa

September 15, 2022  The Toronto Star

Families worry about loved ones’ fate under new Ontario hospital and nursing home law


Jamie Daw drew a 70 kilometre-wide radius on a map this week to show her mother how far she’d have to drive to visit her ailing husband if he’s moved to a nursing home not of his choosing under a new provincial law.

The Canadian Press

Liam Casey


CBC News - August 26, 2022

Can Ontario force hospital patients into long-term care homes? It's complicated


Government warns patients who refuse to consent could face hefty hospital bills

Laura McQuillan · CBC News


The Globe and Mail - August 25, 2022

Ontario’s Long-Term Care Minister backs fees for elderly patients who refuse to leave hospital


Ontario Long-Term Care Minister Paul Calandra says hospitals should be encouraged to use their existing powers to charge elderly patients up to $1,800 a day for refusing to leave for an available long-term care bed, as his government pushes forward with legislation aimed at moving more people out of crowded hospital wards.

Jeff Gray Queen's Park Reporter

Dustin Cook Queen's Park Reporter

August 19, 2022  The Province

Seniors scared over forced placement to long-term care homes for Ontario patients


'Anyone over 70 right now must be shaking in their boots to think this government might force them to be placed in an institution that's not even in their own community'

The Canadian Press

Liam Casey

CBC News - July 8, 2022

Ontario's 7th wave of COVID-19 is already hitting long-term care homes


Doctors and advocates call for the return of vaccine mandates for staff in long-term care.

by Clara Pasieka · CBC News

Ottawa Citizen - April 22, 2022

Ontario ignoring lessons of pandemic, building a generation of private care homes, critics say


Three private long-term care companies, including one with among the highest death rates during the pandemic, are slated to build the bulk of new and upgraded long-term care beds in Ottawa.

By Elizabeth Payne

Toronto Star - May 27, 2022

By Marco Chown Oved Investigative Reporter
Kenyon Wallace Investigative Reporter
Ed Tubb Toronto Star

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